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Well hello there and welcome!

Are you overwhelmed with a new allergy diagnosis?  Lost with how to cook, what to eat and how to live a life with serious allergies?

Don't worry! I know what you're going through and I'm here for you! We got this mamas! (and Papas!).

First of all, take some time to look around the site.  If it's your first time here I recommend you start with signing up for my newsletter.  I'll send you a free copy of my e-book "Top 5 Things You Should Do Following a Food Allergy Diagnosis" - I remember coming home from the doctor's office devastated and not knowing what to do or where to begin to make life safe for my allergic child.

Next, I recommend heading on over to the blog.   That's where I share practical advice on living day to day with allergies.   Feel free to look around and please don't hesitate to contact me ANYTIME with any questions or even just for moral support!   I'm here for you!

With love,

Melissa xo

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