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Baking, Desserts

Allergy-Safe Cake & Cupcake Recipe

All I can say is… THANK GOD for this cake recipe!   My friend Wendy shared this recipe with me when Kate was very young.  Her husband has dairy and nut allergies and she was my saviour passing this recipe on to me.   She calls it “Whacky Cake”. It’s also egg […]

Mains, Salads

Thai Quinoa Salad

We love asian food!  Unfortunately for those with nut allergies like us, you have to be VERY CAREFUL with asian foods. I personally do not purchase food products from Asia because I am wary of food allergens (nuts in particular) in Asian products. This makes things tricky for us but […]

Baking, Desserts

Dairy-Free Lemon “Buttercream” Birthday Cake

My allergy girl celebrated her 1st birthday not with the typical Chocolate Cake and accompanying adorable messy-faced photos that most do… she had strawberry-rhubarb pie.   We just didn’t know at that time how to give a kid with dairy, egg and nut allergies a proper birthday cake!   Kate HATES strawberries!!!  […]


Dairy-Free “Buttermilk” Recipe

Recipes often call for buttermilk.  Fear not Dairy-free friends!  You can easily make your own dairy-free buttermilk at home!  I use this for my Dairy-Free Lemon “Buttercream” Birthday Cake recipe amongst others. Enjoy!


Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bowl

I will be posting many variations of my Breakfast Bowls and Muesli recipes because I love them so much!  Super easy, delicious, healthy and packed with protein! 1/4 cup gluten-free organic quick oats 1 tbsp Wow Butter Brand peanut butter alternative  (Soy) or your preferred Nut or Seed butter depending […]

Baking, Desserts

Allergy-safe Gingerbread Men

We make these every year for Christmas.  The dough recipe can also be used for a gingerbread house.  I found this recipe from Isa Chandra online many years ago and it is my go-to for Gingerbread.  So delicious!   The original post had some pretty cute decorated “gingerbread punks”  – adorable!  […]


Allergy-Safe Smores

This recipe came out of the desire to have Smore’s but difficulty finding allergy-safe chocolate bars…  So happy to have thought of this great trick and had to share! *’ed ingredients are suggested brands but can be substituted with your favourite allergy-safe brands as you wish.

Breakfast, Desserts

Power Cookies

This is an adaptation of Planet Organic’s “Cosmic Cookie” recipe.   These are so fulfilling and just delicious!  I make them time and time again.  Great for traveling as they will keep you powered up all day long!

Appetizers, Breakfast

Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

Our daughter Kate was allergic to eggs for her first few years but she outgrew the allergy and now we eat eggs almost every day.   If you’re not allergic, they are a great source of protein and a quick and easy meal!   Win-Win!   Bon Appetit!


An Allergy Safe Christmas

Hello, Christmas is a time for family, celebrations and let’s face it Christmas Cookies!   Food is such a big part of traditions and celebrations and I want you to be able to enjoy all of your holiday favourites!   If you have a traditional or family favourite recipe that you would […]


Are you Afraid of Back to School?

Hello, This is an older post from 2013 but helpful for all those gearing up for back-to-school or sending their allergic child to school for the first time.  Can I start with a big hug for you allergy moms and dads out there as I know firsthand the fears and […]


Did Delaying Epinephrine Kill Her?

Hello Allergy Caregivers, I had an email from a teacher who was curious after reading about the death of Natalie Giorgio (the 13 year old who died after eating a rice krispie treat made with peanut butter).  Here is her question: “This is so tragic, I feel for the family […]


A Tragic Loss of Life to Peanut Butter

Hello, I don’t like to share frightening or tragic stories but in this case I wanted to comment on this sad story and share my thoughts.   My deepest condolences go out to this family. I grieve for their loss along with them. 13 year old girl dies after ingesting Peanut […]


Going to the Movies: Lights, Camera … Allergies!

Hiya! I took my 2 kids and one of my son’s friends to the movies on Saturday night -that’s right -one adult -3 kids…what could possibly go wrong? Allergies & Asthma at the Movies My daughter who is severely allergic to dairy, peanuts and tree nuts (anaphylactic) often gets snuffy […]


NY Times Article on Food Allergy Bullying

In Bullies’ Hands Nuts or Milk May be a Weapon By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS Any difference can set schoolchildren apart from their peers and potentially make them a target for bullying. But a severe food allergy is a unique vulnerability: It takes only one lunch or cupcake birthday party for […]


Canadian Government recognizes Anaphylaxis and passes Motion 230!

Hello there, Success for those pushing Motion 230 to recognize Anaphylaxis as a serious health concern for Canadians! Victory! After all of the hard work and advocacy, Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative announces the passing of Motion M-230 with a UNANIMOUS decision in support of the Anaphylaxis Motion!  Here is the press […]