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Indoor Air Quality: Have you checked the ingredients in our…air?

Hello, Indoor air quality is something you probably haven’t given much thought to before. I’ve learned so much throughout my allergy mom journey about the importance of knowing what’s in the things we consume…and that includes our indoor air! Indoor Air Quality – An Allergy Mom always checks ingredients -but […]


A Tragic Loss of Life to Peanut Butter

Hello, I don’t like to share frightening or tragic stories but in this case I wanted to comment on this sad story and share my thoughts.   My deepest condolences go out to this family. I grieve for their loss along with them. 13 year old girl dies after ingesting Peanut […]


Going to the Movies: Lights, Camera … Allergies!

Hiya! I took my 2 kids and one of my son’s friends to the movies on Saturday night -that’s right -one adult -3 kids…what could possibly go wrong? Allergies & Asthma at the Movies My daughter who is severely allergic to dairy, peanuts and tree nuts (anaphylactic) often gets snuffy […]

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Support for Families

Hello there, I have reached out to offer support to families in many different ways over the years.   This post was originally published in July of 2013.   I continue to share it on the blog in the hopes that it will offer inspiration for other allergy advocates to do the […]


NY Times Article on Food Allergy Bullying

In Bullies’ Hands Nuts or Milk May be a Weapon By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS Any difference can set schoolchildren apart from their peers and potentially make them a target for bullying. But a severe food allergy is a unique vulnerability: It takes only one lunch or cupcake birthday party for […]


Canadian Government recognizes Anaphylaxis and passes Motion 230!

Hello there, Success for those pushing Motion 230 to recognize Anaphylaxis as a serious health concern for Canadians! Victory! After all of the hard work and advocacy, Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative announces the passing of Motion M-230 with a UNANIMOUS decision in support of the Anaphylaxis Motion!  Here is the press […]