Ham Salad with Poached Egg

This is delicious …and sometimes we even have it for breakfast!


  • Fresh Basil Leaves (I like to keep a plant in my kitchen!  Water from the bottom if you want to keep your basil plant thriving)
  • Prosciutto (It is important to read ingredient labels very carefully.  Some “cold-cuts” contain dairy and other allergens.  When in doubt, call the company!)
  • Fresh tomatoes when in season, or cherry tomatoes year-round
  • Organic, free-range egg
  • Fresh Ground Sea Salt & Pepper (I love Himalayan Pink Sea Salt)


  1. Wash basil leaves and pat dry with paper towel.  Arrange on your plate.
  2. Place proscuitto perfectly on your plate. (say that 10x fast!)
  3. Slice tomatoes and add to your plating.
  4. Poach your egg.  Add enough water to cover your egg to a shallow skillet.  Bring to a simmer and then stir the water with a whisk to get it swirling (think tornado-this will keep your egg from spreading out in the water).   Add your egg to the still swirling water and allow to simmer until cooked to your liking.  (I love when my egg yolk is still runny so that the yolk will run into my other salad ingredients.  Delicious! )  Remove the cooked egg with a slotted spoon and place gently on top of your plate.
  5. Season with a touch of fresh ground salt and pepper.
  6. Enjoy!

This reminds me of my travels to Spain.   Fresh ingredients and delicious, salty Ham! 

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