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Seasonal Allergies Suck!

Hello! Just when you’re ready for warmer weather and sunshine and you want to open up all the windows in the house to air everything out, you or your loved ones are hit with the dreaded seasonal allergies!   They seem to be really bad this year.   Hoping you find some […]


Are you Afraid of Back to School?

Hello, This is an older post from 2013 but helpful for all those gearing up for back-to-school or sending their allergic child to school for the first time.  Can I start with a big hug for you allergy moms and dads out there as I know firsthand the fears and […]


Did Delaying Epinephrine Kill Her?

Hello Allergy Caregivers, I had an email from a teacher who was curious after reading about the death of Natalie Giorgio (the 13 year old who died after eating a rice krispie treat made with peanut butter).  Here is her question: “This is so tragic, I feel for the family […]

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Allergy Skin Testing & Food Challenge

Dear Friends, Today I’m very emotional.  I am baking two cakes.  One with an egg in it.  One with a cup of milk in it.  It is so bizarre that this meaningless act to most people is so heavily fraught with emotion for me!  Imagine being asked to bake a […]