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Thanks for your interest in working with me! Here are some of the ways I work with others:


One on One Allergy Consulting

I work with individuals, their caregivers and businesses to help make an environment or current practices safer for those with severe allergies. There are many different ways that I can help and really depends on the particular needs of a client.  Some of these include:  *Making a home safer for someone with a newly diagnosed allergy.  *Helping some to plan menus, create shopping lists and know how to prepare and store food safely for those with anaphylactic food allergies or other severe dietary restrictions. *Providing counseling and support for those who are suffering from physical and/or emotional stress as a result of a severe allergy or related disorder diagnosis.


Speaking and Corporate Wellness

I am most often called upon to speak about Allergies and Anaphylaxis but I also like to talk about nutrition, healthy living, and wellness – physical, emotional and psychological. Whether you have an audience of 50 or 1050, I will help them to make healthy choices not just to stay alive but also to thrive with a severe allergy or related diagnosis.  My recent speaking engagements have included the following topics:  Food Allergy Safety; Choosing Health & Wellness; CorporateYoga for Health & Safety Week at various locations; Healthy Food Choices for Kids, and Choosing Mindfulness:  Tools for Mental Health & General Well-Being.


Media and Brand Partnerships

Looking for a subject matter expert to speak to the topic of Allergies, Anaphylaxis, and related disorders?  I have over ten years of experience in local and international media. I am a passionate advocate, educator and spokesperson on all things allergy-related.

As a brand ambassador or consultant, I love working with conscious, responsible brands that cater to those with allergies and anaphylaxis. Integrity, quality and responsibility in partnerships matters to me and my audience:  I have high standards for the companies I collaborate with.



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I look forward to working with you!


The Allergy Mom