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Are you Afraid of Back to School?

Hello, This is an older post from 2013 but helpful for all those gearing up for back-to-school or sending their allergic child to school for the first time.  Can I start with a big hug for you allergy moms and dads out there as I know firsthand the fears and […]


NY Times Article on Food Allergy Bullying

In Bullies’ Hands Nuts or Milk May be a Weapon By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS Any difference can set schoolchildren apart from their peers and potentially make them a target for bullying. But a severe food allergy is a unique vulnerability: It takes only one lunch or cupcake birthday party for […]

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Letters I’ve Written

Hiya! Thought I would share some of the letters I wrote in the early days of this Allergy Mom journey…   My efforts to be a squeaky wheel and bring awareness to the need for policies to support our allergic children at school.   I was recently contacted by a woman […]